• Meet our new teacher!

    05 September 2017
    Meet our new teacher!

    Yvette Smith has been an educator for the past four years. Her specialty is ESL and has taught students of all ages in China, Mexico, and Vietnam. Working in both language centers and international schools, Yvette truly enjoys her profession and it shows through her dedication in helping students to succeed in their goals of learning English, whether it’s just for fun or for professional advancement. In addition to teaching, Yvette likes to read, play sports, and travel to new places.

  • Collocations Activator Course

    Dear Friends!

    We are delighted to announce that our Collocations Activator course is due to start shortly!

    2017 summer lesson dates: June 13, June 15, June 27, June 29, July 4, July 6, July 11, July 13, July 18, August 8, August 10, August 15, August 17, August 22, August 24, August 29, August 31. 
     Lessons timetable: 18.00-19.30, Tue-Thu
    Monthly fee: 5940 Rub (per 9 lessons)

    To enroll in the course, please contact us at; 8(910)899-12-67

  • Обучение нон-стоп в городе и в отъезде

    Специальное предложение школы SPELL для деловых людей, откладывающих изучение английского языка по причине частых командировок.

    Практически непредсказуемый график поездок современного делового человека не позволяет системно строить программы овладения иностранным языком с помощью традиционных практик обучения. Даже начав курс, люди вынуждены бросать его просто в силу невозможности согласовать свой график с графиком группы или построить регулярную индивидуальную схему посещения курсов. Так «позже» превращается в «никогда».

    Разработанные в SPELL курсы разговорного английского языка начального и среднего уровней устраняют негативное влияние нерегулярного личного присутствия на занятиях на общий результат обучения, благодаря следующим инструментам:

  • December Booze Party

    16 December 2015
    December Booze Party

    Following the tradition of pub quizzes in the UK, SPELL hosted the first British quiz night in Nizhniy  Novgorod – December Booze Party – on the 11th of December 2015.

  • Courses starting in May

    22 April 2015
    Courses starting in May

    Don't miss the chance to enroll in the course of General English (A2-B1 level) starting on May 12, 2015. The schedule of classes - 18.30-20.00, Tuesday and Thursday. The length of the course - May 2015 - January 2016. Tuition fees - 4860 rubles per month. There are still 2 vacancies in the class.

    Don't miss the chance to enroll in the course of General English (A1-A2 level) starting on May 19, 2015. The schedule of classes - 17.00-18.30, Tuesday and Thursday. The length of the course - May 2015 - March 2016. Tuition fees - 4860 rubles per month. There are still 3 vacancies in the class.

  • В пабе "Dublin" состоялась вечеринка в стиле английского детектива Шерлока Холмс

    On the 8th of December SPELL language school started early celebration of the New Year and Christmas holidays with an evening of adventure and entertainment. Dublin Irish Pub served as our host for a party based on the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes. Party guests were given the chance to broaden their minds, demonstrate their deductive skills, and train their memories through various intellectual competitions. 

  • Sherlock Holmes Party in "Irish Pub "Dublin"

    Christmas Holidays are approaching and with them a reason to celebrate and have fun! We are happy to invite all of our current and former students of SPELL to an adventure in the style of the famous English detective Sherlock Holmes. The program includes games, riddles, and mysteries, that will not leave you bored! And of course there will be traditional English cocktails to stimulate your intellectual potential!



  • Spring Crossword Party at the Union Jack pub

    Spring Crossword Party at the Union Jack pub

    The Pub «Union Jack» in Khmelnitsky again became a meeting place for students of the SPELL school. The Crossword Party tentatively scheduled for May 19 was held a week later - on May 26. Following tradition, fans of British culture in the last weekend of May spent time in an interesting intellectual competition and companionship.

  • British weekend - Quiz at the Union Jack pub


    On December 15th, "British Quiz" by SPELL  took place in the Union Jack pub, Khmelnitsky. In addition to the Crazy Tea Party, British Quiz was held at 15.00. Not only students of SPELL but also everyone interested in the British culture was there! Traditional English tea and goodies made everyone feel the spirit of a true British party. The most active participants won collectable handmade teapots right from England, Carter's studio.



  • The celebration of The Queens’s Diamond Jubilee in "Union Jack"!

     On June 20 students of SPELL gathered in the pub "Union Jack" in Khmelnitsky to celebrate an outstanding event - The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Themed quiz presentations were devoted to interesting British traditions, architectural and historical monuments, the history and geography of the United Kingdom, and the family of Her Majesty. Several teams competed. The tough struggle determined the winner, who was awarded the book "Britain from Above Month by Month" (Dorling Kindersley publishing house).

    After the quizzes the guests engaged in light-hearted, pleasurable conversations about their plans to visit Britain and helped themselves to traditional English snacks and drinks.