December Booze Party

Published: 16 December 2015
December Booze Party

Following the tradition of pub quizzes in the UK, SPELL hosted the first British quiz night in Nizhniy  Novgorod – December Booze Party – on the 11th of December 2015.  

Having been treated to a bowl of delicious punch at the outset of the party, the participants were divided into 3 teams: pink giraffes, blue mice and pink elephants (the old-fashioned metaphors for the ultimate stages of drunkenness – “seeing pink elephants” / “being followed by pink giraffes”)

Each team elected their captains (responsible for showing the signs with the letters - answers to the quiz questions) and treasurers (in charge of collecting candies – the points for the correct answers).

The quiz consisted of two parts with cocktail breaks in between and covered the topics of UK history, geography, traditions, the Royal family, etc. As a result, the teams of Blue Mice and Pink Elephants collected the same amount of candies (29 points) and doubled their chances of winning the final lottery while Pink Giraffes collected only 28 points but seemed to have much more fun than the others.

Three people (all of them by pure chance from the team of Blue Mice) won the lottery and got the certificates for the coveted prizes (English collectible teapots and iconic Great British Teddy Bears haven’t made it through the customs yet).

Even after the end of the quiz, the participants were so engaged in animated conversations, that the party lasted well beyond midnight raising hopes that such quiz nights will become a fine and enduring tradition.